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School Lunches 


Do Sloppy Joe sandwiches and Tater Tots dominate the menus in most school lunchrooms? I visited four area high school cafeterias to see what they had to offer, and discovered that the school cafeteria dining experience can vary widely from district to district.   Read article


Modern-day Telegraph  


Red fire alarm boxes can be found on almost every street corner in Boston. Their purpose is spelled out plainly in capital letters: "FOR FIRE - OPEN THEN PULL DOWN HOOK." Whenever that lever is pulled, a metal wheel inside the box turns and transmits a signal via telegraph to the Boston Fire Department. That's the way it was over 150 years ago…and that's the way it is today.  Read article


A Museum Like No Other 


Steven J. Silberberg has an unusual hobby: he collects barf bags. The 46-year-old MIT alum is the self-described curator of The Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum, a website that features 2,000 images of barf bags from his personal collection.   Read article


Horsing around


On June 4, 1810, a group of Dedham men gathered inside a tavern on Court Street to discuss a major problem in town: Horses were getting stolen. The men decided to do something about it. Thus, The Society in Dedham for Apprehending Horse Thieves was established. Read article


Secret handshakes, code words, and rituals


Inside the stately Court Street headquarters of the Old Colony Club, a large moose head keeps watch over the front stairwell. Six-foot-long African elephant tusks are on display in the billiards room. On the main parlor wall hang photographs of past presidents of one of the oldest men's clubs in the country. The private men's club, a well-known institution in Plymouth, is just one of many colorful social clubs that quietly thrive in the suburbs south of Boston. Read article

A Field Guide To Social Clubs - The Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm and the Improved Order of Red Men are just a couple of the lesser-known social clubs that still exist today. At one time, organizations like these were large enough to rival the Masons. But over the past 50 years, membership in social clubs has been declining at a rapid pace. Read article


Wheelchair softball 


Hidden away behind hospital buildings at the VA Medical Center in Brockton, out of sight of motorists on Route 123, a nationally ranked sports team is quietly building a softball dynasty. The New England chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America calls its stretch of regulation asphalt the "Field of Dreams." To the players, it's simply the Brockton VA, the only wheelchair softball field in New England and the place where the NEPVA Red Sox are getting ready to win their third national championship. I wrote this article about the team and shot video footage for this NECN segment.



Pigeon Racing


On a warm Thursday afternoon, the members of the Braintree Racing Pigeon Club were readying their pigeons for a 400-mile race. The feathered competitors cooed in their cages. Each bird wore two plastic leg bands -- one with an identification number, much like a marathon runner's bib, and the second with a microchip that would serve as a miniature stopwatch. "The sport is incredibly competitive," says Peter Hultman, a veteran pigeon racer. A fast bird can be worth thousands of dollars. Read article


Odd Places


Southeastern Massachusetts has its share of quirky attractions you can’t find elsewhere. There are kitschy roadside monuments begging to be photographed. There are specialized museums devoted to the seemingly mundane, like thermometers, shoes, and shovels. Read article & view interactive map




Bill Cox, the executive director of the International Armwrestling Federation, explains that armwrestling is a sport that appeals to all ages. Read article

I shot some footage for NECN and then armwrestled Bill on this episode of the NECN’s “Globe At Home” series (he won). Watch video


Winter Surfing


I shot video of Ron Lees surfing at Nantasket Beach in Hull. We appeared on NECN to discuss why surfers brave freezing temperatures to catch waves in the middle of winter. Read article        


Prison Labor


Inmates in Massachusetts prisons make a variety of products — including T-shirts, mattresses, boxer shorts, license plates, and jeans — that can be purchased through an online store. Read article (PDF)


Roller Derby


I wrote this article about roller derby and appeared on NECN with Sarah “Doom” Kingan to discuss the sport and her team, the Providence Derby Dames. Watch video


123 Party

In this episode of the “Globe At Home,” I interviewed one of the guys from the renegade dance troupe known as 123 Party.  At one point during the interview, Lazer jumped up on the news desk and started dancing. Watch video

But the most memorable moment came after the NECN cameras stopped rolling, while Lazer and I got ready to leave. As we made our way through the newsroom, he suddenly turned on his boombox and
tried to start a dance party.


Storage Auctions USA


Storage facility auctions typically are low-key events that attract a handful of bargain-hunters, flea market vendors, and eBay entrepreneurs willing to bid on a grab bag of someone else's discards. Occasionally, bidders strike gold.  Read article

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