Did you know that thereís a MySpace group for journalists in the Greater Boston area? New England SPJ is on FacebookÖand another great networking site is Wired Journalists.

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If youíre a journalist struggling with a dilemma on deadline, or just want to talk about a tough call you've had to make, you can call SPJís Ethics Hotline at (317) 927-8000 ext. 208. Leave a message, and a member of SPJ's Ethics Committee will soon be in touch.

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CCH is a tax and accounting services company based in Illinois, and they publish a free booklet of tax tips for reporters, photographers, and other media folks.† The CCH Tax Guide for Journalists provides helpful hints on taking deductions and explains the latest tax laws that impact both staffers and freelancers. To request a free copy of the tax guide, fill out this online form.


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I launched this website in 2003. I designed the site with Microsoft Publisher, and I use SmartFTP to upload files to the web.† If youíre thinking about building your own website, Sreenath Sreenivasan provides some good advice here and the J-Learning site is an excellent resource.




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